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My Therapeutic Approach  

My goal as a therapist is to assist individuals and couples in developing healthy coping skills, highlight personal strengths, and deepen insight into core values and beliefs. I will help clients identify and overcome obstacles and life challenges that continue to impact their functioning and happiness.

I believe it is extremely important to use treatment methods that have been researched and proven effective in treating relationship conflicts, loss/grief, anxiety/depression, and trauma.

In the early stages of therapy, I conduct a thorough assessment in order to establish reasonable and attainable goals. I believe therapy is a relationship-based, collaborative effort. I encourage open dialogue, honesty, and an atmosphere of respect. It is essential for clients to feel empowered by the therapeutic process and experience long term improvement.


 I have been a Professional Counselor since 2004. My career in the mental health field started in 1999 while working with children and families healing from trauma, abuse, and family conflict. During this time, I was certified as a Sexual Abuse Prevention trainer and received training in domestic violence prevention and treatment. After earning a Masters in Counseling degree in 2004, I spent a year treating adults suffering from chronic mental illnesses such as Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Psychotic Disorders. Since 2005, I have treated individuals,families, and couples struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment related issues and substance abuse/dependence.

The primary focus in my private practice is working with individuals and couples who: want guidance in navigating through unresolved trauma, want to feel relief from chronic depression and anxiety, feel stuck and hopeless in their efforts to resolve conflicts in their relationships, and individuals experiencing distress and confusion over core values and identity.

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